Revenue Share

MindAI introduces an innovative revenue share model that rewards its community of holders, transforming the simple act of holding tokens into an opportunity for earning. Through this mechanism, MindAI offers its users a portion of the proceeds generated by its advanced artificial intelligence bot, demonstrating a tangible commitment to valuing and recognizing the support of its community.

The proceeds from the use of the MindAI bot, including token payments and subscriptions, directly feed the revenue share pool. This pool is then distributed regularly, every week, in the form of USDT to holders who own 0.5% or more of the total token supply. This model not only encourages long-term holding and token stability but also allows holders to directly benefit from the success and growth of the MindAI ecosystem.

All the money that goes into the Revenue Share wallet will be:

  1. Funds derived from the sale of Subscriptions on the bot, and token packages.

  2. WhiteLabelBot program, 100% of the proceeds from the sale of a bot will be placed in the wallet for redistribution.

  3. AD campaigns on the ChatBot, both crypto and non-crypto projects, will be able to advertise their company/startup.

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