Chat Mode

👩🏼‍🎓General Assistant

The General Assistant is a versatile chatbot designed to address a wide range of inquiries and tasks. It's equipped to handle various topics, providing users with information, support, and guidance on multiple subjects.

👩‍🚀General Brief Assistant

The General Brief Assistant specializes in delivering concise and precise responses. It's ideal for users seeking quick, straightforward answers without extensive details.

👩🏼‍💻Code Assistant

The Code Assistant aids users in writing and understanding code across different programming languages. It offers support in debugging, explaining concepts and providing coding tips.

👩‍🎨Artist (Image-Based Mode)

The Artist mode transforms textual descriptions into visual art, enabling users to create images based on their inputs. It's a tool for creativity and visualization, turning ideas into artwork.

💋Eva Elfie Mode

Eva Elfie Mode emulates her personality and communication style, engaging users with sweet, playful responses and a friendly demeanor. It aims to entertain and interact in a manner reminiscent of Eva Elfie's person.


The Psychologist mode offers emotional support and advice, employing a compassionate approach to understand users' situations and providing thoughtful recommendations for personal challenges.

🇬🇧English Tutor Assistant

This mode serves as an English Tutor, assisting users in improving their English language skills, including grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, and conversational abilities, tailored to individual learning goals.


The Copywriter mode helps users craft compelling content for various platforms, providing insights into effective copywriting practices and enhancing users' ability to create persuasive and engaging text.

✏️Homework Solver Assistant

This assistant supports users with academic assignments, offering explanations, problem-solving strategies, and study tips across a range of subjects to enhance the learning experience.


The Translator mode assists in converting text between multiple languages, ensuring accurate and contextually appropriate translations, facilitating communication and understanding in a global context.

📚Text Summarizer Assistant

This mode provides concise summaries of extensive texts, capturing the essence and main points, making it easier for users to digest and understand large amounts of information quickly.

🚀Elon Musk Mode

In Elon Musk Mode, users can engage with a virtual persona that mimics the innovative and visionary spirit of Elon Musk, offering insights and responses inspired by Musk's public persona and areas of expertise.

💰Money Maker Assistant

The Money Maker Assistant is designed for entrepreneurial guidance, helping users explore and develop business ideas, financial strategies, and investment opportunities to maximize their capital in a lawful and efficient manner.

🎵Song Writer Assistant

This assistant aids users in composing lyrics and melodies, tailored to their preferred genres and themes, offering guidance on musical structure and creative expression to craft memorable songs.

📚Anti-Plagiarism Killer

The Anti-Plagiarism Killer mode enhances text originality, assisting users in rewriting and rephrasing content to avoid plagiarism while retaining the original meaning and style.

💡Startup Idea Generator

This mode generates innovative startup ideas, providing users with creative and viable business concepts based on market trends and individual interests, fostering entrepreneurial thinking.

📧Email Writer Assistant

The Email Writer Assistant helps users compose professional and effective emails for various purposes, offering advice on etiquette, structure, and style to improve communication skills.

💘Tinder Assistant

This mode offers guidance on enhancing Tinder profiles and interactions, providing tips for engaging conversations and dating advice to improve users' online dating experiences.

💰Crypto Expert Assistant

The Crypto Expert mode provides insights into the cryptocurrency market, explaining blockchain technology, coin information, and investment strategies to guide users' financial decisions.

❤️Relationship Coach

The Relationship Coach offers advice on personal and romantic relationships, providing empathetic support and practical suggestions to help users navigate interpersonal challenges.

🩺Doctor Assistant

This mode offers general health information and advice, helping users understand symptoms and health concerns, emphasizing the importance of consulting healthcare professionals for personal medical advice.

📄CV Builder Assistant

The CV Builder Assistant guides users in creating professional and impactful CVs tailored to their skills and job preferences, focusing on layout, structure, and content to enhance employment opportunities.

🌌God Mode

God Mode provides responses in a manner that mimics omniscience, offering philosophical and existential insights, engaging users in thought-provoking conversations without providing direct explanations.

📰Editor-in-Chief Assistant

This assistant supports users in editorial tasks, improving article quality through proofreading, structural advice, and content enhancement to achieve high-quality written work.

📊SQL Assistant

The SQL Assistant aids users in managing databases and writing efficient SQL queries, offering guidance on optimization and performance to enhance data management skills.

📈Excel Assistant

This mode assists users with Excel tasks, providing tips on spreadsheet creation, formula application, and data analysis to improve efficiency and data management capabilities.

💼Career Consultant Assistant

The Career Consultant Assistant offers guidance on career development and job search strategies, helping users navigate professional paths and achieve career goals through personalized advice and support.

🤵Job Interviewer

This mode prepares users for job interviews, providing common questions, tips and guidance on effective responses to improve interview performance and confidence.

🌎Travel Guide

The Travel Guide offers recommendations and information on travel destinations, including attractions, accommodations, and local customs, enhancing users' travel planning and experiences.

🧪Rick Sanchez Mode

Rick Sanchez Mode engages users with his bold and inventive personality, providing witty and clever responses inspired by the character's traits and knowledge.

💭Dream Interpreter Assistant

This assistant helps users explore and understand the meanings behind their dreams, providing insights based on dream symbols and themes to uncover connections to waking life.

🧮Accountant Assistant

The Accountant Assistant offers financial guidance, including accounting, tax and budgeting advice, helping users to manage their finances effectively and make informed decisions.

🎨UX/UI Developer

This mode provides assistance on UX/UI design questions, offering best practice guidance and creative solutions to help users create intuitive and visually appealing designs.

📝Text Improver Assistant

The Text Improver Assistant corrects and enhances user-submitted text, focusing on spelling, grammar, and overall improvement without altering the original meaning or style.

📊Google Spreadsheets Assistant

This assistant helps users navigate Google Sheets, offering guidance on spreadsheet management, formula application and data organization to enhance productivity and data analysis.

🌟Motivator Assistant

The Motivator Assistant inspires and encourages users, providing motivational support and practical advice to help them achieve their goals and overcome obstacles with a positive mindset.

🖋️Poem Writer Assistant

This mode assists users in crafting beautiful and expressive poems, offering guidance on poetic structure, rhyme and imagery to capture emotions and themes creatively.

🎤Kanye West Mode

Kanye West Mode offers responses inspired by his distinctive and creative personality, engaging users with the artist's signature confidence and visionary flair.

⚖️Lawyer Assistant

The Lawyer Assistant provides general legal information and guidance on various topics, helping users navigate legal concerns with suggestions for appropriate actions and resources.

🎯Product Manager

This mode offers insights into product development and management, guiding users through research, prioritization and product launch strategies to create successful products.

💼Recruiter Assistant

The Recruiter Assistant aids users in job search and interview preparation, offering resume and cover letter tips, and answering job-related questions to enhance career prospects.


The Screenwriter mode assists users in developing script ideas and narratives, offering feedback and creative input to help users refine their storytelling and scriptwriting skills.

📢PR Specialist Assistant

This assistant helps users with public relations tasks, offering advice on press releases, social media management and PR strategies to enhance their public image and outreach.

📝Blog Post Writer Assistant

The Blog Post Writer Assistant aids users in creating engaging blog posts, providing research, content ideas and writing tips to produce high-quality and original blog content.

👨‍🍳Chef Assistant

The Chef Assistant offers cooking advice, recipe suggestions and meal planning tips, adapting to users' dietary preferences and ingredient availability to enhance their culinary experiences.

💻Code Reviewer Assistant

This mode provides code review services, offering constructive feedback on best practices, performance improvements and error fixing to enhance users' coding projects.

🔄Re-writer Assistant

The Re-writer Assistant rephrases and restructures user-submitted text, ensuring clarity and coherence while maintaining the original intent and style of the content.

🌱Life Coach

The Life Coach mode offers guidance on personal development and life balance, sharing advice and support to help users navigate life's challenges and achieve personal fulfillment.

🧪RegEx Assistant

The RegEx Assistant helps users understand and construct regular expressions, providing explanations, examples, and debugging assistance to enhance users' text processing capabilities.

🔮Astrologer Assistant

The Astrologer Assistant provides entertaining astrological insights based on users' astrological signs and birth charts, offering fun and engaging discussions on astrology-related topics.

🎨Design Assistant

The Design Assistant offers guidance on graphic and web design principles, helping users create aesthetically pleasing and user-friendly designs with advice on color theory, typography, and layout.

📢Advertising Assistant

This mode assists users in creating and optimizing advertising campaigns, offering advice on target audiences, ad copy and marketing strategies to build successful advertising efforts.

✍️Cover Letter Writer Assistant

The Cover Letter Writer Assistant helps users craft compelling cover letters for job applications, focusing on effective structure, content, and personalization to enhance job prospects.

🧠Brainstorm Assistant

The Brainstorm Assistant facilitates creative idea generation, providing techniques and encouragement for innovative thinking to help users develop solutions and concepts for their projects.

🎥Yury Dud Mode

Yury Dud Mode engages users with his communication style and insights, offering responses that reflect Dud's interviewing skills and journalistic perspective.

🎉Party Ideas Generator

This mode generates creative and unique party ideas, offering themes, activities and planning tips tailored to users' preferences and event requirements to enhance party experiences.

🎬Movie Expert Assistant

The Movie Expert Assistant provides information and recommendations on movies, actors, and filmmakers, engaging users in discussions about cinema and offering personalized movie suggestions.

🍏Nutritionist Assistant

The Nutritionist Assistant offers dietary and nutritional advice, helping users make informed food choices based on their health goals and dietary needs to improve their overall well-being.

🏷️Branding Specialist Assistant

The Branding Specialist Assistant guides users in developing effective branding strategies, focusing on brand identity, messaging and visual elements to create a strong brand presence.

🐦Twitter Replier Assistant

This mode helps users craft engaging and appropriate replies to tweets and social media posts, offering guidance on tone, content and social media etiquette to enhance online interactions.

🤣Stand-up Comedian Assistant

The Stand-up Comedian Assistant entertains users with jokes and humorous content, providing comic relief and engaging in light-hearted conversations to brighten users' days.

🇺🇸Joe Biden Mode

Joe Biden Mode offers responses inspired by his communication style and political perspective, engaging users with the diplomatic and presidential demeanor characteristic of Biden.

🎧Music Expert

The Music Expert mode discusses music, artists and genres, offering recommendations and trivia to enrich users' musical knowledge and cater to their musical preferences.

🍄Mario Mode

Mario Mode brings the iconic character to life, offering responses and interactions inspired by Mario's adventurous spirit and the world of the Super Mario series.

🦾Iron Man Mode

Iron Man Mode conveys the wit, intelligence, and charisma of Tony Stark/Iron Man, providing tech-savvy insights and inventive solutions in the style of the Marvel superhero.


The Mathematician mode assists users with mathematical inquiries and problems, offering explanations and guidance to help users understand and solve complex mathematical concepts.

🔐Cybersecurity Specialist Assistant

This assistant offers advice on cybersecurity practices and measures, helping users protect their digital information and navigate cybersecurity challenges with informed strategies.

🦄Twilight Sparkle Mode

Twilight Sparkle Mode engages users with the magical and scholarly personality of Twilight Sparkle from My Little Pony, offering friendship and knowledge in the spirit of the character.

🧠Aristotle Mode

Aristotle Mode provides philosophical insights and ethical guidance in the style of the ancient philosopher, engaging users in discussions on logic, ethics, and the natural world.

🧪Albert Einstein Mode

Albert Einstein Mode offers responses inspired by the genius and curiosity of Albert Einstein, discussing scientific concepts and theories in the accessible and imaginative manner of the renowned physicist.

🔎Sherlock Holmes Mode

Sherlock Holmes Mode delves into the analytical and deductive reasoning of the famous detective, offering observations and solutions with his characteristic sharp wit and keen insight.

💰MrBeast Mode

MrBeast Mode captures the generous and adventurous spirit of the YouTube star, engaging users with creative challenges, philanthropic ideas and his energetic enthusiasm.

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