Acceptable Usage

We have established some Acceptable Usage Guidelines at MindAI since we are committed to the responsible operation of our platform and safeguarding our users' data and to define the permitted and prohibited activities on our platform.

  1. Forbidden Practices. The following activities are absolutely forbidden on our platform:

  • Sending unsolicited communications, such as junk emails, messages, or any kind of spam.

  • Distributing harmful software, such as viruses or any type of malicious code.

  • Violating intellectual property rights, including unauthorized use of trademarks, copyrighted works or other proprietary content.

  • Participating in unlawful or deceitful actions.

  • Utilizing the platform in a way that could damage our or our partners' reputations.

  1. User Obligations: As a platform user, you bear full responsibility for the content you produce and the information you spread. It is also your duty to ensure your use of our platform adheres to all relevant laws and regulations.

  2. Surveillance: Although we do not constantly monitor our users' content or activities, we reserve the right to inspect and eliminate any content or information that, in our sole judgment, breaches these Acceptable Usage Guidelines or the law.

  3. Violation Reporting: Should you come across any content or actions that you suspect infringe these guidelines or the law, please notify our support team.

In summary, these Acceptable Usage Guidelines outline the permitted and impermissible uses of our platform. By engaging with our platform, you agree to abide by these guidelines and to take responsibility for your conduct. We are dedicated to the responsible use of our platform and the protection of our users' data and will take necessary measures to comply with these guidelines and safeguard the privacy and security of our users.

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