Marketing Strategy

Our initial marketing approach involves collaborating with over 50 KOLs and influencers within the cryptocurrency circle, ensuring broad engagement for MindAI. We aim to make ourselves known, mainly in lounges and alpha groups through AMAs and much more.

Strategic Parnership

PAAL AI Integration: We will collaborate with PAAL AI, a token achieving new highs daily, using their bot to power the flow of information in our Telegram chat.

CODEX Integration: We will be listed as soon as we launch on CODEXSwap, which will allow people to purchase while saving on gas fees and with Anti-MEV protection.

MANE Collaboration: We will collaborate with MANE to increase our social media engagement and attract a wide range of investors through it.

Influencer e KOLs

Partnerships and Collaborations with KOLs: We will primarily establish monthly partnerships with crypto sector influencers who can elevate MindAI to another level, especially those interested in the AI the project presents with all its functionalities. We have a significant budget to fund these important movements.

Educational Influencers: There will be many influencers, mostly on YouTube, who will show the detailed workings of our bot and explain its peculiarities along with all other information.

Social Media Incentives

Through social media, we will propose new challenges to be completed in order to access a prize that will always vary, thus attracting broad engagement across all our portals. Investor interaction is one of our main focuses; holders need to be happy to spread the word that will lift the token.

Advertising to Reach a Broad Audience (ADs)

The marketing team has meticulously researched and planned advertising campaigns on platforms like Google, Facebook, and X to target an audience outside the crypto sphere. This strategy aims to draw in individuals who may not be involved or familiar with cryptocurrencies yet, broadening the project's reach and appeal. To directly engage with crypto investors, there will be articles featured on prominent financial websites such as Yahoo Finance, Bloomberg, and many others... Additionally, active banner campaigns will be placed on popular crypto-related sites like Dextools, Poocoin, and Dexscreener, guaranteeing visibility within the core crypto community and driving engagement from a highly relevant audience. This dual-faceted approach allows for a wide-reaching impact, tapping into both seasoned crypto investors and those new to the space.

Initially, $MDAI will prominently feature in Telegram’s trending sections bots such as BuyTech and SafeguardRobot, as well as on sites like GeckoTerminal, managed by CoinGecko, and Dexscreener, which has become one of the most utilized dex recently. As our volume grows, we will continue to aim for trending status on DEXTools, a strategy designed to significantly increase our visibility among higher-caliber investors.

Discussion with the community about the project (A.M.A)

Community AMAs: Regular AMAs will be held every week with the $MDAI team for updates and much more on the project, especially to gain investors' trust.

Lounge AMA: We will be hosted in various lounges both on Telegram and Twitter to introduce our project to more investors, who will be able to directly interact by asking questions and addressing their doubts about us.

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